Credo Sports & Entertainment ("CSE") is a boutique, full service, sports agency that represents professional athletes and coaches in the NBA. CSE is headquartered in New York.



Our mission at CSE is to provide our clients with the finest assistance, guidance, and education with our many years of experience. Our team has over 30+ years of combined transactional business experience, and will use all of our efforts to help our clients achieve their goals. We seek to provide unmatched personal attention to help our clients reach their highest possible potential on and off the court. When it comes to our clients, we apply the 5T Approach: we look for clients who are talented, teachable, tough, trustworthy, and thankful. Those who are able to obtain all of these characteristics have the ability to establish long and successful careers. We believe in our clients abilities to change the world, and seek to aid each client in achieving their dreams.